Monday, November 5, 2012

Bullies and pie

November is Speak with Good Purpose month

HOT Questions:

Without saying names, have you ever known a bully?

What are some ways to avoid bullies?
What is the difference from someone being mean and someone being a bully?
What is a way to help someone else with a bully?


Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Volunteer State Book Awards 2012-2013

The Volunteer State Book Awards

VSBA Nominees       

Our Standards
4.1.1 Read, view, and listen for pleasure and personal growth.
4.1.2 Read many different works to make connections with yourself, the world, and what you've read before. 


HOT Questions
Why do we give awards?
What do books get awards for?
What other awards can you name?
How many books did I say we needed to read in order to be able to vote?
How many books are there to choose from?
Will we get to read them all?      

Objectives Met
4.1.1 Read, view, and listen for pleasure and personal growth.
4.1.2 Read widely and fluently to make connections with self, the world, and previous reading.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

What to Expect in Second Grade Library!

We will

Check out with 2 books!
          * 1 AR book
          * 1 Anything book

Checkout from any shelves, including
           * paperbacks
           * fiction, regardless of reading level
           * Everyone and Nonfiction

Read and VOTE for the Volunteer State Book Awards

Teach Kindergarten students how to use a shelf marker


Learn to find any book by
            * Searching the computer catalog
            * Finding the book's address
            * Locating the address on the shelf

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Library Tourists


OVERVIEW:   Our library has 3 neighborhoods: the FICTION neighborhood, the EVERYONE neighborhood, and NONFICTION.  In each neighborhood, books have their own address.  Today we are going to be tourists in the town of Libraria and visit these neighborhoods.  As a team, we will fill out a postcard to tell someone about the kinds of books we saw in the neighborhood!


2.1.5 Collaborate with others to exchange ideas, develop new understandings, make decisions, and solve problems.
2.2.4 Demonstrate personal productivity by completing products to express learning.
2.4.2 Reflect on systematic process, and assess for completeness of investigation.
3.2.3 Demonstrate teamwork by working productively with others.
4.4.1 Identify own areas of interest.
4.4.6 Evaluate own ability to select resources that are engaging and appropriate for personal interests and needs.

Learners will be able to identify separate areas in the circulation area.
Learners will identify differences in these areas.
Learners will display teamwork.
Learners will seek out an area of shared interest.
Learners will explore an area’s resources.
Learners will choose and evaluate resources.
Learners will complete postcard.
Learners will evaluate ability to find subject areas with the circulation area.

Blank postcard
Access to circulation area

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

All about CATs

Learning about the OPAC! 

Search by Subject, Title, or  Author

Type carefully

How do we find the CALL number?


Monday, February 20, 2012


Celebrating the Office of the President!

What do we think about when we think of Presidents? 
What makes a good president?
What would YOU do if you were president?

So You Want to Be President?
by Judith St. George
Madam President
by Lane Smith

Objectives Met:
2.3.1 Connect understanding to the real world.
3.1.5 Connect learning to community issues.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fiction and Nonfiction Naked Mole Rats

Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed   
by Mo Willems
Gross Out!  
by Ginjer L. Clarke

Objectives Met:
AASL Standards
2.1.2 Organize knowledge so that it is useful.
2.1.3 Use strategies to draw conclusions from information and apply knowledge to curricular areas, real-world situations, and further investigations.
4.1.6 Organize personal knowledge in a way that can be called upon easily.  

HOT Questions:
Which of these stories is a made up story?
Which story gives us information or facts about real mole rats?
Which story made you laugh?
Which story amazed you?